Our goal in STEM Fern is to help children to love, use, and create opportunities with technology, and to assist teachers and parents to upskill on future technologies.


  • To inspire lifelong learning through the creative early introduction of STEM in kids educational development
  • To assist teachers to upskill on STEM, and
  • Parents to experience STEM with their child


  • Programming/coding, mathematics, AI, robotics, electronics, 3D design and printing


  • With the toys, games and tools which are fun to play with, and our STEM stories which are fun to read

Our Programmes

Learning STEM with Robots for Students

  • Interactive STEM learning
  • Fun Technological Activities with a help of a Robot!
  • Simple session for children

STEM Courses/Workshops for Teachers & Parents

  • Comprehensive insight on the future of learning and education
  • Introducing relevant technologies, such as, AI, programming coding etc
  • Simple and interactive


The First Book:

Thomas's Birthday

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